3 Simple Ways to Raise Staff Morale and Productivity

Raising staff morale and productivity isn’t simply about paying people more money. A host of factors feed into how your personnel feel and how well they perform in their roles, from how comfortable they are at their workstations to whether they are rewarded for their achievements. Here, we take a look at three simple but effective ways to boost morale and efficiency among staff members.

1. Provide people with development opportunities

Believing they are stuck in a dead-end job that is devoid of opportunities for improvement can be a major disincentive to employees. So, to help ensure your staff members don’t experience this sinking feeling, it’s vital that you provide them with chances to develop their knowledge and skills. As part of this, it pays to set up a personal development programme that enables workers and their line managers to agree on specific targets and training opportunities. The more engaged in this process your employees are, the more effective it is likely to be. You can find out more about career development solutions online by visiting specialist websites like www.penna.com. From setting targets in traditional face-to-face meetings to providing workers with interactive online portals to help them shape their careers, there are a range of options.

2. Make sure your workspace is spot on

It’s also imperative that your workspace is attractive and comfortable. Given the long hours many people now spend at their desks, problems like shoddy seating and peeling paintwork can be a major turnoff. Make sure your staff are equipped with high-quality chairs, comfortably sized desks and ample storage solutions. Also, it’s worth putting some time and effort into choosing a suitable interior scheme for your workspace. To give your office added appeal, consider creating relaxing break areas where people can socialise with their colleagues.

Pay attention to every last design detail too. For example, make sure your lighting is just right, and keep the temperature of your rooms at a reasonable level. You can consult your personnel on this, but as a general rule you may want to aim for between 20°C and 22°C. Studies have shown that temperatures of above 25°C can lead to a drop in productivity.

3. Reward good work

Take care to reward good work as well. If you want to ensure that your employees are dedicated and efficient, you must show appreciation for their efforts and achievements. Promotions and pay rises are the obvious rewards for consistent hard work. However, there are other ways of showcasing your thankfulness. You could run an employee of the month scheme or give out prizes to high achievers. Meanwhile, for small actions, simply praising people in writing or in person can be enough to boost morale.

Making sure workers are happy and efficient in their roles may be be a challenge, but tips like these should give you plenty of ideas when it comes to keeping your employees content.