5 Modern Ways to Earn Online

I’ve got a statistic for you, 75% of the world’s population use the internet every day, that’s huge. It’s obvious why though, the internet is full of endless opportunities and let’s be honest, who of us isn’t looking to add a bit more to the monthly pay check for the nice car or expensive holidays – we’ve put together a quick list of the quickest and easiest ways to make some money online!


You’d never have thought it but writing about your interests and your general thoughts are one way to make money online – fantastic ay!

Blogging is essentially writing about whatever you like, the difficult thing is getting yourself an audience, getting your voice out there as the amount of new blogs going up each day is ridiculous.

How do they make money I hear you say? You can place adverts of course! Using Google Adsense or other advertisement platforms you can place ads within your articles that your audience will find useful, win-win.

Video Blogging

Similar to blogging, obviously, but video blogging. It’s been thrust into the spotlight recently, there was a list posted of the wealthiest YouTube bloggers and the money flying around is incredible.

You’ll get everything on there, women’s fashion to a few guys who record themselves playing video games and raking it in as there videos hit the millions of viewers – the two things you need, a recording device and more important a personality!

Online Casino Bonuses

I know this is a list of ways to make money online and this point could also come down on the side of losing money online!

There are however thousands of online casinos and they all have some incredible no deposit bonuses for becoming a new customer, if you’re self-disciplined enough to clear the bonus and move onto the next website then this is something that could interest you – just don’t blame me if you don’t know when to stop!


Social Media

Similar to the video blogging point above, you can actually earn money using social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you name it and you can earn with it.

The recurring theme in this list which I’m sure you’ve noticed is that an audience is the key to opening the ‘money’ door. Should you get yourself hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers or have one of the most popular Facebook pages then the world is your oyster – companies will pay a premium to have you mention/use their products and getting that information to your enormous following is going to work wonders for your bank account.

Selling Your Skills

Everything so far has been about building an audience but this one is a little different. You don’t need a massive following but you do need to have a skill, a unique skill – it can be anything from you having the perfect voice for talking over a video right down to being able to design someone a logo.

There are services out there nowadays like Fiverr that do exactly this, anyone can join up and post there ‘gig’, which is their unique skill, and it gets listed on the website. One of the easiest ways to earn and I’m sure even the talentless of us out there can think of one marketable unique thing we can do.

So there you have it, 5 modern ways to earn online!