5 Ways to Make Your Lunch Break Awesome

At every workplace, there will always be days where it seemed like the end of days is upon us. Papers everywhere. Phones endlessly ringing. Shouts and cries from every corner of the office. Ordinary people can only take so much work. But there’s always the calm in every storm and for most people, that can only mean one thing;


A time to relax, unwind and chill after the exhausting first quarter action at the office. You can take your shoes off, rest your feet and bask in the cool wind of your office’s air conditioning. You can update yourself with the latest office gossip, sip your favourite instant coffee and butt-dial your ex (or maybe don’t do that). There are so many surprises that lunch breaks can offer. Here are some of the fun things you can do during your lunch break:


Take your phone out and revel into the amazing world of social media. Post your selfie on Instagram. Share how “You’re feeling bummed” on Twitter. Open your Facebook, keep in touch with your old friends and organize a reunion. Invite them over at your place for a night of drinks, movies and boys. Send your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend a message and ask them if you can have your favourite shirt/undershirt back. Stalk that hot intern you bumped into this morning. Oh, the possibilities.


The Internet has so many games to choose from. You can be a bird, a monkey, or guy who just doesn’t seem to get tired of running. But, just like most activities, you can invite your friends to play with you. Why not play no-deposit bingo? Everybody loves bingo, check out this website for no deposit bingo, even your grandparents love it. You can make it much more fun by inviting your friends and relatives to play. Since it doesn’t require any deposit, you can play it while saving up for that lovely dress you saw last night. Free games with your loved ones, who doesn’t want that??


Go on Youtube and watch videos about almost anything. May it be about cats, music videos or funny accidents, it will definitely keep you amused throughout your lunch break. Prank videos are also becoming a thing now, so why not check out what the fuss is all about? I don’t know, but there’s something weirdly amusing in watching other people fall face first on the water.


Check out the latest news around the globe. Learning about the crisis in the Middle East can be a good conversation starter. That was serious. It pays to know what’s happening around you. As they say, ignorance breeds fear. Read and never fear.


Check out the latest trends in fashion, music and games. You might not have heard but your haircut was so 2013. You’re that out-dated. And I bet you don’t know you can play bingo, even if you don’t have money to register. It’s called NO-DEPOSIT BINGO, old man. Look it up, read it, do it and share it with your friends. You might just become the next office superstar.

So, those are just a few things you can do the make the most out of your lunch break. But, never limit yourself and remember that every hardworking employee deserves a break. It’s all in how you use your time. Remember, you only have one hour. Spend it wisely.