9 Awesome Things You Can Do With a 3D Printer

There are many objects you can make with your 3D printer. Here are just a few of them.

1. Toys

Articulated figures, Additional Characters, Sets or that certain cool prop that just has to come into being. Adding a custom train car to that rain set whether it’s scale model H or Thomas the Tank Engine. Custom terrain pieces for your Warhammer table top battles. Custom pieces for board games even. The list is pretty much endless.

2. Replacement Parts

A broken part can cost just as much as the item itself. So why not get some more life out of the item by replacing parts that are worn out. Even preventative maintenance, replacing something that you know will fail soon.

3. Customization

Printing out products isn’t quite at the level of injection mold output, but there is one thing that injection mold lacks and that is personalization. Personalize poses for figurine or text on the print. Giving something personality creates a better connection and makes that object very unique.

4. Prototyping

Got an idea that you want to become a reality? The time to output small iterations of a design is important to product development. Having the printer on your desk allows you to get the product to market all that much faster.

5. Products

Making something that only you can make and that people want. Create something to be proud of and which embodies your personality. Be the artist and engineer – or both.

6. Product Demonstrations

Nothing is more impressive to a client or to staff or your friend then having something made right infront of their eyes. Watching that chocolate being poured out into the molds and cool and later consumed. Watching the whole process can be enthralling for most. It’s even more impressive when a machine is doing it, and making it look really easy. During a presentation it will show that you are more then just talking, you are actively building right in front of them.

7. Education

Explaining what you can use a 3D Printer for can excite people. They also may not know what to do with one. But educate them. Enable them. It can bring small scale manufacturing to a school, college, and university.

8. Make Art

Creating something doesn’t always mean that it has to have a direct function. Why not create something that is pleasing to the senses. A creation that let’s others perceive that they want to.

9. Food

We are not at the stage of Star Trek like replication. But there are pizza making machines and machines that can make objects out of chocolate.

There are many more applications like printing with metals, printing a house or printing a heart to name a few. Biomedical field is really utilizing the technology to further advance into a new age of custom organs and bone replacement. China is 3D printing houses at high speed. Powdered metals are being used in laser sintering and machines that create objects similar to a home 3D Printer are popping up in the market.