A Look at the Thinking Outside the Buzzword Box Infographic

Digital marketing has brought greater growth, competition and innovation for businesses that utilise. However, it is often incredibly confusing for complete newbies This is largely due to a lot of the jargon and buzzwords used.

You’d be forgiven, without a digital background and taking your first foray into marketing your business online, if you didn’t know exactly what growth hacking or hustling was. If you are already picturing Paul Newman and Tom Cruise hustling in pool halls, then you’re not the first one to think of that image.

To help make things clearer, click.co.uk has created an excellent infographic that takes 14 of the most commonly (over)used buzzwords in this new digital age we are living in and explains them in plain English.

The Self-Explanatory Buzzwords

Some terms do not really need much explaining and are just fancier, more professional (or pseudo professional, depending how you see it) and catchier way of describing something obvious. Terms like Evergreen Content and Early Adaptor, although it may take a moment to figure it out, are actually self-explanatory. Evergreen content is content that won’t date easily or quickly and will still be relevant and useful further down the line. An early adaptor is simply a business or individual that starts using new technology or product before others.

The Harder to Understand Jargon

The technical jargon that people are more likely to struggle with understanding are the oft-used IoT or Internet of Things, Big Data and the already mentioned hustling. This is where the infographic is really helpful.

Internet of Things, although it sounds like some kind of Harry Potter thing, is a term used to describe everyday non-computer, tablet or smartphone devices that use an internet connection, such as automated lighting systems and smart fridges.

Big Data basically describes large collections of data that are collated and analysed by computers to reveal important trends and patterns. Big Data is often used to assess human behaviour and huge companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google are among those that get the most use out of it.

Hustling is just the ideal of using a mixed bag of traits and skills to persuade and communicate with your target audience. It bears little or no resemblance to the shady practice of trying to con people in pool halls and is more about using hard work, enthusiasm and energy to push sales higher.

There are lots of other perplexing words explained in the infographic, some of which we didn’t even realise were ‘things’. This is why we wanted to share it on our blog. We hope it makes things a little clearer for you, whether you are a rank newbie or seasoned marketing pro who wants to keep up with the cool kids.