An outsider’s view: what impression does your workspace leave?

Considering the amount of time we spend at our desks every day, it only makes sense to want to personalise our surroundings. However, have you ever thought about the message that your working area sends to others? Whether you’re based in your own private office or an open plan space, the way you arrange and decorate your workstation can speak volumes about your values, attitudes and competencies, and it can provoke snap judgements from outsiders. So, what kind of impression is your workspace leaving?

You’re sloppy

Having a messy, cluttered desk is a sure fire way to damage your reputation at work. Empty coffee cups, half-eaten sandwiches and teetering piles of paperwork will give the impression that you’re sloppy and don’t take pride in your work. A chaotic environment could lead your boss, colleagues and clients to assume that your messy tendencies spill over into your work ethic, which could cost you that promotion or important business deal you’ve been hankering for. If your workspace is in need of some organisation, now might be the time to invest in new storage solutions. If you’re short on square footage, check out the variety of space-saving solutions now available. For example, specialist suppliers Furniture At Work™ provide convenient under-desk pedestals.

You’re an efficient worker

One of the biggest tell tale signs of an efficient worker is an organised workspace. People who keep clutter to a minimum, use filing systems and have a place for everything tend to be more conscientious and productive. From an outsider’s perspective, a tidy workstation can indicate that you’re reliable, have good time management skills and care about your job. Particularly if you work in a high-traffic area or your have regular visitors, a well-ordered workspace can be an effective showcase of your professionalism.

You’re about to jump ship

While it may be important to keep your space clean and tidy, being too much of a minimalist won’t do you any favours. After all, a workspace that has no personal touches says that you’re hesitant to settle into your job. If your desk is so empty that nobody remembers who works there, you could be sending out signals that you’re ready to leave. Avoid the clinical look by adding a desk plant or family photo to make your space feel welcoming without going overboard with personal effects.

You’re not taking your job seriously

Sure, humorous slogan posters and novelty desk toys can be good conversation starters, but are they making the right impression? Having too many distractions in your workspace might suggest to others that you’re not committed to your job and lead them to question your priorities. Of course, that’s not to say you need to ban all elements of fun from your desk, but try to find a balance between showcasing your interests and demonstrating that you’re focused.

By putting yourself in the shoes of others, you should be able to reassess your working environment and ensure that you’re making the right impression.