Awesome Technology and Gadget Gifts for Your Best Friend




Winter is upon us, and for most people, that includes the stress of Christmas shopping. What do you get the friend who has everything? Fear not, because unless he owns all of the awesome products below, he definitely does not have everything – and you’ve still got a chance to impress him with a thoughtful tech gift which he’ll be taking every opportunity to show off next year.

Smart Watch

Smartwatches have become one of the top must-have gadgets since they went on market in 2013. Today, the best smart watches will incorporate virtually all features you would get on a typical smart phone, whilst looking stylish on your wrist at the same time. The smartwatch is a ‘safe bet’ gift – who wouldn’t benefit from a useful and comprehensive piece of technology they can wear on their wrist? Choosing the right smartwatch is a more difficult decision, with a number of big brands competing against each other in the market causing for a confusing range of options. Sony, Apple and Samsung all have their own variant of the popular gadget, whilst companies such as Watch Urbane and Pebble Time specialise exclusively in smartwatch technology. Whichever type you decide on gifting your friend – the smartwatch is guaranteed to please lovers of timepieces, busy individuals who like to stay organised, or anyone who always seems to lose their gadgets unless they’re literally attached to their body.

4-in-1 Phone Lens

Anyone even remotely interested in taking better photographs (and everyone should be) might know about the awesome new camera gadget that you can attach to your phone. Say goodbye to your phone’s grainy, blurry photos and say hello to pictures that look like they were taken from a pricey Nikon. The so-called ‘Olloclip’ consists of four different lenses which you can easily attached to your phone camera in order to achieve higher quality photos with perfect zoom, slow-exposure and other customizable features. The 4-in-1 Olloclip phone lens is guaranteed to make anyone’s instagram ten times more awesome.

If you’re looking for this year’s definitive photography gift – this is it.

Poker Controller

If your pal likes online poker, then you can make his hobby all the more enjoyable with a wireless poker device control, such as the ones designed by ‘Poker Controls’. The handy gadget is optimized for online poker with check, call and fold buttons, predefined bet levels, fast table switches and mouse touch-pad. Best of all, it works with all major online poker rooms. The device is highly customizable, making it appropriate for players of any level. Using the seamless poker controller lets players stay focused on the game, eliminating all the distractions a PC presents. There are plenty of quirky items which make ideal gifts for poker players, but few are as convenient to the online gambler as this nifty device.

Keyless Bike Lock

A serious cyclist doesn’t take the safety of their prized pedal-driven vehicle lightly. Most probably they have an ultra secure and heavy duty bike lock for peace of mind. But it’s almost 2017, and physical keys are becoming a thing of the past. Keys can be lost, stolen or simply time burdening to use. That’s where Ellipse, the keyless u-lock, comes in. This bike lock can be locked and unlocked using your phone’s bluetooth. With the tap of a button, you’ve released the lock from your bike and you’re ready to ride on. In the case that your phone runs out of battery, there is the option of configuring the bicycle with a back-up secure code that you can input manually. The lock itself is self-charging through solar power, so there’s no hassle of remembering to charge it before every bike trip. What’s more – if the lock senses that someone is attempting to tamper with it, it will send a warning alarm directly to your phone. Your cyclist buddy will never have owned a cooler bike lock than this.

3D Doodles

Is your friend the creative type? Advancements within the past few years have seen 3D printing become a hot topic, with an increasing number of products that let you use the technology at home. The ‘3Doodler Pen’ allows an artist to bring artistic structures to life with the help of colourful pens that emit a fast-drying liquid which turns into a malleable material when released. This unique design tool is the ultimate gift for architects, designers, or indeed anyone interested in messing around with a futuristic piece of artistic technology.


Innovators are constantly coming up with new ideas for effective alarm clocks, as getting up in the morning continues to be a struggle felt by…well, pretty much everybody. From loud siren alarms that fly off your bedside table, to an app which lets strangers call you at specific times – there’s a wide range of alarm styles available. ‘Sensorwake’ falls into the category of a kinder, more soothing wake-up call. Though you have the option of configuring the settings so that it sounds an audio alarm, its defining feature comes from the way it gradually releases a pleasant scent designed to ease you into waking up. Croissants, coffee, toast, chocolate or freshly cut grass – Sensorwake lets you choose your favourite scent for each morning. Does your friend have troubles getting up in the morning? This will make things a little easier for him.

Virtual Reality Headset

We all have the one friend who maybe plays video games a little too much. You could tell them to turn off their PlayStation and go outside once in a while, or you could do them a greater favour and buy them the coolest thing to have hit the gaming market in a couple of decades – virtual reality headsets! VR has exploded in the last year, with a huge number of incredible gaming experiences made possible with the new technology. Let’s be honest – a VR headset is the gift you get someone when you secretly want to try it out too. Current retail prices are not as extortionate as one might have expected, with Samsung Gear VR available for a mere $200 right now.


Anyone who likes listening to some ambient tracks whilst relaxing in bed knows of the discomfort that comes with falling asleep whilst still wearing your earphones. Even the highest quality earphones can cause pain to your ears when lying on your side – not to mention the nuisance of getting the earphones cable tangled as you move about. ‘SleepPhones’ were designed specifically for music lovers who like to take their favourite tunes to bed with them. The super soft headband lets you rest your weary head comfortably, whilst still benefiting from high quality audio. SleepPhones also helps block out background noise (including the sound of a snoring partner) so is an all-round good gift for anyone with sleeping problems.