Finding Quality WordPress Support Services for your Business


WordPress usage

WordPress is perhaps one of the most widely used Content Management System that is used by a huge number of online businesses, developers, e-commerce businesses, affiliate marketers among others. The fact that it is open source and one can host a website running on WordPress with a hosting company of their choice makes it all the more popular to use. However, WordPress support can be tedious and time-consuming and hence the need to have quality website support services.

Where to find quality support

The question that most website business owners ask is where do I find quality website support and maintenance service? We highly recommend Team WP Sekure. The web is full of websites that offer these services. Some of them offer these services for free while others charge a premium to do the same. I would recommend paid services such that if you are not satisfied with such services you can ask for your money back. Another way is entering in a WordPress website support with your developer. Most of them will offer these services for as low as 20 dollars a month. It is even advisable to use your developer since he developed the website so he understands what such business would need in terms of maintenance.

What should you look for in a good WordPress support services?

You should look at WordPress support and maintenance for your website as hiring an accountant to offer advice on your financial goals. Such a person should be willing to offer the following basic services and even go beyond.

  • Offer WordPress Theme management services.
  • WordPress Plugin management.
  • Fix broken links as well image optimization.
  • Fix WordPress hosting issues.
  • Do regular website security management.
  • Content optimization services.
  • WordPress upgrade and updates.
  • Perform activity monitoring and impression analytics.
  • Offer general WordPress support services.

The services should not be limited to the eight listed but should offer additional services.

What factors should you consider when choosing a good website support and maintenance services?

Before you settle on a person or company to handle your website support and maintenance services, you should consider answering the following questions.

  • Is the service affordable?
  • How trustworthy is the service provider?
  • Can they offer one stop shopping services?
  • How good is the support infrastructure?
  • How comprehensive is your assessment of the person or company?

If the answer to these questions is satisfactory and leaves you with no doubt, then you should go ahead to discuss contact terms with the person or entity.

To get a comprehensive assessment to these questions and get reliable answers, you can go to WordPress support web forums, Facebook and Linkedin groups or just Google for the most reputable support professionals. It is always advisable to go for reputable service providers since their services are vouched for. These individuals will also have the technical know-how and the infrastructure and personnel necessary to offer the support that you require. If for any reason you do not find or are unable to settle on a provider, you can ask your website developer to give you leads or referrals.