Have More Fun with Your Smartphone


The great thing about the current generation of smartphones is that they are much more than simply a phone. I remember my first smartphone, and it wasn’t really up to much now that I think about it! It could make calls, of course, and I could send messages, but that was about it! Oh, and it told the time, too. There was no camera, not even a basic one, and it couldn’t access the internet, let alone send emails. It also cost me a large amount of money, and was very quickly out of date.

In contrast, my current smartphone – and most likely yours, too – can not only take excellent pictures, but I can browse the internet anywhere, and it’s fast. I can also download apps, send emails, and use one of many different messaging systems, plus I can play games. Many apps are available for both Android and iPhone operating systems, and some of them really are a lot of fun. Others, such as maps and GPS, are practical, but it’s the fun apps that we want to talk about here.

Fun Fat Face App

The great thing about being able to take photos on your smartphone is that there are great apps that allow you to manipulate them. Take Fatify, a fun android fat photo app. Did we say fat photo? We did, and here’s the fun bit: you apply the Fatify app to a photo of you – or of anyone, in fact – and it changes your face into a fat, jiggling version of yourself. You can also apply a variety of effects, for even more amusing renditions. It’s available for iPhones, too, so if you carry one of those you can also use Fatify. It’s a great way of having a laugh with your friends, and you can share fat photos of yourself and others!

Or, if you prefer, you could try Oldify, another app that manipulates photos. This one changes your picture into an old version of you, and is also great fun. It’s a very cheap android old photo app, and is also available for iPhone. It’s easy to use, great to share at parties and other gatherings, and will seriously lighten the mood on a dull night out! Both of these apps take up little memory, and are very easy to install and use.

Fun Monster App

There are many other apps out there that offer you the opportunity to manipulate photos, and as the selfie is the rage at the moment, you can have great fun with them. For instance, there’s a great monster photo app called Monsterfy, which makes your picture look like a monster! You can choose from many different effects, and all are great fun.

So, why not have a closer look at these great photo apps, and see how you can have plenty of fun with your smartphone, or maybe try them on your tablet for even more fun! It’s a great laugh, and we are sure you will love these apps.