How EU Regulations are Improving E-Cigarette Technology




As from 20th May this year e-cigarettes became available for sale under EU TPD regulation. Here we look at the effect of this on electronic cigarette technology.

Since they went on sale in 2007, there’s been a great divide and much debate over the use of e-cigarettes. There are estimated 2.6 million electronic cigarettes users in the UK alone and in 2012 they became the most popular smoking cessation aid.  Aspire eCig UK  put this down to the fact that they are less harmful that traditional cigarettes, and cost 80% less making them more appealing, while providing users with a means to quit. What’s more, it’s been reported 29% of those who try e-cigarettes quit smoking within six months.

The Regulations

Still there are concerns with the industry and for this reason the EU has intervened. In May this year the EU revised the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). Many businesses feared this would put a halt to new electronic cigarette technological innovations. However, the EU explained it was to guarantee customer safety and to improve e-cig user’s experiences while ensuring e-cig related businesses don’t suffer. In fact, it’s hoped the revised TPD will encourage innovation in-line with the regulations, which it looks to be doing already.

The TPD is intended improve the quality of products and reduce the risk of accidents. Therefore, the TPD will require electronic cigarette products to be protected against breakage and leakage, while providing users with a consistent dose of nicotine. Tanks and cartridges have no more than 2ml liquid capacity and all products must be child resistant.

A New Generation

New electronic cigarette products are already being created and developed in-line with the TPD. One recent example of this is the Aspire Nautilus X. This new piece of kit introduces a wide range of innovative features that ensure safety, while improving the user’s experience.

This latest product from Aspire has a top fill tank, so it’s easy to fill and easy to clean, due to its leak-proof design, which is directly in-line with the TPD. It also comes with a 2ml e-juice capacity tank as standard, along with a new revolutionary coil system, whereby vapour  flows down one side of the coil until it passes though the other side, passing the kanthal coils twice before being inhaled, for an unrivalled taste sensation.  These developments prove that innovation is still possible under these new regulations.

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