Matchmaking Made Easy and Fun


When you are in a relationship, it can be awkward for your single friends. We all like to see people happy, and this is why we often attempt to match them up with other single mates. However, it can be awkward; you know the feeling, you introduce two people at a party or in the pub, and the result is a series of embarrassing silences. That’s why we want to introduce you to Spritzr, an exciting new matchmaking app that makes the process fun for both parties. How does it work? Let’s take a closer look.

Spritzr works by utilising your Facebook friends list, and is the most inclusive and original matchmaking app so far. You can use it to bring people together if you are in a relationship, or to find people who might be suitable if you are not. It’s fun for all, and is easy to use. Those friends who are in relationships recommend single friends to other singles; the recipients are able to accept or decline the request by a single swipe. It is by far the best way of getting people together without any fuss or embarrassment.

Earn Karma Points

Another fun element of Spritzr is the ability to earn Karma Points. Each successful match earns you a set number of points, and you gain a place on the Karma Board. This is the leader board of matchmakers, and eventually you are awarded a bronze, silver or gold medal. Gold medal holders get the opportunity to attend events and parties, so it is well worth joining in! you can find out more about the Spritzr matchmaking app at the website, where there is plenty information on how to join and start making matches.

Spritzr is available on Android and iPhone operating systems, so is widely usable, and all you need is your smartphone and you are free to go. It’s great fun and allows you to match up people you think may be suitable for each other without the need to meet. Imagine the sheer breadth of people you can match – there’s a world of single people waiting for your help!

Easy to Use

Free to download and use, Spritzr means you don’t have to wait for a party or a night out to arrange for your friends to meet each other. What’s more, they have the option to dismiss your suggestions, but we are sure you will find the right matches along the way. All you do is download the app, register as a matchmaker, and start matching your friends right away. It really could not be easier to use, and it’s very effective.

So, why not have a look at the Spritzr website now and see how you can start making your friends lives mire fun? It only takes a few seconds to download, so start earning your Karma Points and join in the fun!