New App Review: Rentr

Don’t brick-and-mortar estate agents feel a little bit out of date now? The people behind new property lettings app Rentr must surely think so. What they’ve put together is an all-inclusive application for managing property rentals, which means that if you’ve got a house you need to get on the market in the United Kingdom, you can do so without an estate agent. What’s more is that there’s a tenant side to the app too. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect.


Rentr’s main four points are that it helps you market the property, manage viewings, draw up contracts, and then get references and deposits. It’s pretty comprehensive, and uses just a couple of other third parties to pull off the service, which are integrated seamlessly into the experience.

The marketing side of things is fairly straightforward as you’d expect, allowing you to enter all of the details and pictures that you think are important, and then the ad goes up on gumtree. You could do this yourself without the app, but not all bundled together in one package. What you definitely wouldn’t have the ability to do is match up the marketing with managing viewings which is very nice indeed. There’s no need to mess around with a separate calendar app, leaving you more time to get the viewing right.

Third-Party Integration

Of course, the main concern with an all-inclusive app like this will be the legal side of things, as that’s the main reason that landlords usually use estate agents. You’ll still need a little bit of knowledge, but the app has pre-prepared contracts that you can edit to your needs, and then use DocuSign to become binding. You might want a little bit of advice if you’re completely new to this, but that app does give you everything you need.

References can be acquired on the app through a third party called HomeLet, and currently this service is being provided free of charge, which makes this an ideal time to jump on the bandwagon and see if you can avoid paying those estate agent costs. Keep an eye on Rentr for more info on this.

Rentr then is a pretty impressive application that will definitely appeal to those with a DIY attitude to managing their property. As a result, it’s probably not ideal for complete beginners, but the potential savings make a very good case for this to be used by anyone if you’ve got faith in gumtree as an advertising platform in your area.