New Technology Available for Home Entertainment

It wasn’t too long ago that a flat-screen TV seemed revolutionary. Now, you can’t buy a TV that isn’t a flat screen unless you look on the secondary market. TVs, sound systems, and even DVD players have become more advanced over the years, producing a higher quality picture and better sound for a more enjoyable entertainment experience.

That evolution shows no signs of slowing down. Here is just some of the exciting new technology that’s available for home entertainment now:

3D Televisions

Back in the 80s, watching movies in 3D was a big deal, but you could only do it by going to special theaters and wearing special glasses. Now, you can watch 3D movies right in your living room with your own television. You still have to wear the glasses, but you won’t be stuck with the paper frames with the blue and red lenses. You can wear stylish glasses that look like something you would wear outside.

Just make sure you have the right programming to play on your new TV. ESPN and Discovery are among the channels offering 3D programming, as is Direct TV. Check out DIRECT TV US locations to get deals near you.

Modular Displays

To get a bigger screen, you probably think you have to spend a fortune to buy a specialty screen. Companies seem to be accommodating that by creating larger and larger screens.

However, Samsung has sidestepped that trend by creating a bigger viewing area with multiple screens. Each of the screens are put together to create one larger screen. The more screens you put together, the bigger the viewing area you create.The screens require the special technology to only display the piece of the larger picture so that everything fits together properly.

Hi-Res Turntables

Vinyl may have been replaced by eight-tracks, cassettes, CDs, and MP3s, but it still hasn’t died off. Die-hard fans love the sound that vinyl puts out, and they feel that it can’t be replicated by this newer technology.

Yet you can’t really play a record in your car or when you’re out for a jog. Hi-res turntables are being introduced that can read the vinyl and convert it to a digital format that can be played on other devices. The turntable is said to preserve the sound quality so that it is the same on the digital devices.

Advanced Sound

Sound technology is growing  more advanced. Sound bars have helped to amplify and enhance the sound from flat-screen TVs, and they have replaced bulkier systems that used to take up so much floor space in your home.

Advanced options being introduced this year include the BeoSound 35 from Bang and Olufsen and the Mu-so Qb wireless music system. Both put out strong sound with clear quality, helping you to enjoy everything from indie rock records to the latest summer blockbuster. Digital sound projectors and wireless subwoofers will also be big this year.

Curved TVs

Curved TVs are designed to replicate the experience you get in a movie theater. The angle of the screen enhances the way that your eyes process the image, so you see a sharper picture and you are more immersed in the experience. Plus, the curve of the screen cuts out a lot of reflections you would usually get from ambient lighting.

Curved TVs will be available in a variety of sizes, so if you really want to get the movie theater experience at home, you should buy a screen as big as you can afford.

The future will be full of exciting surprises, and 2016 promises to offer just a few of many. With some of these advances, you can create a thrilling home entertainment experience for you and your family.