Office NERF War Armoury

There is nothing like a good office NERF war to blow off steam…or simply settle some scores!

Yes, it can make answering the phone a little tricky but flinging foam across the office is a great way of getting people talking to each other, even if it is just screams of “COVER ME!”

But what makes a great office NERF gun? This is the question we asked the guys over at Blaster Piece

The Office NERF war is more guerilla warfare than pitch battle. So while something like the Nemesis is an awesome piece of NERF madness, it really isn’t something you could describe as discrete.

What you need is something that fits in your desk so you can hide it away when the boss sticks his head around the corner. So small is obviously an advantage.

Also something that doesn’t need anything as finniky as batteries – for a start battery powered blasters have noisy flywheels, which is not ideal for sneak attacks around the office. Also, it will be sitting in your desk most of the time and you just don’t want them to find they have run down when you need to extact revenge on Greg from accounts

Finally, you are going to need a few rounds in case you are ambushed by the entire accounts receivables department….

Oh and finally, finally, since this is going to be left at the office, so it cannot be expensive as we all know the stuff you leave around in the office can have a habit of walking…

So what are the best NERF guns for the office?

There are three that we think make the best office blasters. They are all pretty cheap, hold multiple darts and are all spring powered, so no batteries required – The N-Strike Elite Disruptor, The Zombie Strike Hammershot and the NERF N-Strike Elite XD Triad

NERF N-Strike Elite Disruptor

The Disruptor is the follow up to the massively popular Strongarm (also worth considering if you see them in the sale bin) The difference is that it does not have the cool flip out cylinder of the Strongarm, but does allow you to load from the front.
This may sound like a step back, but in reality it allows you to reload partially while still being able to defend yourself. It looks like a space-aged laser pistol but holds the very old-school revolver 6 rounds, which is enough for most inter-departmental skirmishes.
It also features “slam fire” which is where you hold the trigger and repeadedly pull back the priming handle, each time firing a dart. This means that you can fling a lot of foam very quickly when required.
All round, this is a great blaster. It is quite large for a pistol, but they can be picked up for under $15 (with a bit of searching) and will serve you well…

Zombie Strike Hammershot

The Zombie Strike range was allegedly going to be a wild-west influenced range, but with the success of Walking Dead, they morphed the range into a post-apocalyptic zombie range instead.
This can be seen very clearly in the Hammershot, which looks just like a wild west revolver with a few bits of material and details.
So while the styling may be a little polarizing, the blaster features a priming mechanism that can be operated one handed. The Disruptor needs two hands – one to pull back the priming handle and the other to pull thr trigger. With the Hammershot, it can all be done with one hand.
This means you can fan fire like Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, or dual weild – take that Gringo…sorry, Jeff!

NERF N-Strike Elite XD Triad

This is a tiny little thing, you can easily hide this on your person in case you need to venture into hostile territory (or mail room as it is otherwise known) It is based on the smallest NERF gun, the Jolt, but it comes with 3 barrels, each holding a round.
Even though it is tiny, it punches far harder than you would expect. The clever mechanism figures out which barrels have been fired, so each time you pull back the priming arm you get a dart.
To reload, you simply push the darts into the front. This makes reloading fast, perfect in an office melee.
Small, cheap and incredibly fun, the Tri-Ex is a great little blaster!


Any of these will be great fun and suitably cheap to be left around your cubicle and so make a great companion for your office NERF wars.