Protect Your Patrons With an Advanced Weather Alert System

Even though patrons at outdoor sports facilities, resorts, and parks are told that they are participating in activities at their own risk, facility managers must do their utmost to preserve the health and safety of their patrons.

Warning patrons of imminent danger from lightning, hail, downpours, and even heavy snowfall is a task of facilities management, but where can they get the most recent and accurate information? The answer is from their own advanced weather alert system. Here are some weather alerting system benefits that will revolutionize your ability to accurately warn your patrons of potentially dangerous weather events.

Timely Evacuation of Area

Having your own weather monitoring system on-site will expedite your evacuation of patrons to safety.

Weather centers can be connected to a mass outdoor notification system that can send an audible message and strobe light signal across the area. This notification system can also be integrated with a lightning sensor system.

Enhanced Asset Protection

With the earliest warning possible, you will be able to direct personnel to bring as much equipment indoors as possible before severe weather strikes. That way you may be able to avoid a costly property insurance claim for your business or organization.

Limit Employee Injury

With a timely weather alert system, you will be able to reduce the number of injuries from employees rushing to get people and equipment to safety. It will also be less likely that an employee will be stuck out in the dangerous weather without any prior warning. You will also be able to more accurately determine when it is safe for grounds keeping crews to go back out to work.

Build a Reputation for Safety

Build your reputation for safety in the community by utilizing a seamless approach to weather detection and prediction. With scaleable solutions and customizable approaches, Earth Networks is at the forefront of weather alert systems. Contact us to talk about the solutions that would be best for your park or recreation facility.