Safe Internet Access on Smartphones


You have probably had it firmly drummed into you that internet security is very important. This applies equally at home and at work, and you most likely have up to date antivirus protection on your home and work computers. It’s a sensible thing to do, as even the largest of corporations are vulnerable to viruses and hackers. Some viruses are designed just to cause a nuisance, but other can be used to plunder your personal information. Now, consider just how much personal information there is about you online: address, date of birth, bank details, credit and debit cards, all are there somewhere, and you don’t want that to fall into the wrong hands!

Now, moving on a little, and have a think about this: the most popular way to access the internet is now by smartphone. This is because it can be done on the move, in public hot spots, which are all over the place. Also, the modern smartphone is a powerful device, and has many uses. But – and here is the vital question – while you have antivirus software on your laptop, what about your phone? Many people don’t think about this, so they leave their smartphone potentially vulnerable to attack. As you probably use it on unsecured public networks, this is a very worrying prospect!

Using Wi-Fi Hot Spots

So, what can you do to secure your phone and be safe browsing in public? Well, it’s important that you understand that it is not possible to be 100% safe online; someone, somewhere, will always be clever enough to get around the blocks you put in place. However, leaving your phone unsecured is asking for trouble, so we recommend you check out the best free antivirus for Android, designed and produced by leading brand AVG, who have a range of antivirus and security solutions.

You will find more information at, and we believe that you will benefit from anti-virus software on your smartphone greatly. It will allow you to browse the internet more safely in public spots, and to get the best out of your phone on the move. It’s easy to download, set up and use, and in a few minutes you are ready to go. There are other things you can do to remain safe on line, too, so let’s have a closer look at some of them.

Essential Safety Tips

You should always be vigilant when using the internet in public as there will always be a risk attached. Never leave your connection open and your phone unattended, and keep your passwords to yourself and change them regularly. Also, make sure your passwords are not in any way connected to information that is available publicly online, for example your date of birth or other such information. Also, try not to access banking systems when in public, but if you have to, make sure you are not overlooked. So, take this advice on board, download the antivirus, and happy browsing from your favourite café!