The Benefits of Brands Using 3rd Party Review Sites

customer review

In recent years, many retail brands have recognised the significant role third party review sites play in establishing a credible, honest and resilient reputation.

They not only allow new, existing, and potential consumers to gain a sound insight into the quality and value of a range of products and services, but they are also quickly becoming a trusted and valued source of information.

Their transparent nature should not be underestimated or ignored. After all, they not only allow customers to rate the experiences they have had with a particular brand, and they also allow them to leave honest feedback.

It is this level of openness that allows brands to quickly build a positive reputation based on how others rate their services. Of course, this could also spell disaster if your products or services are not up to scratch!

But that’s not all, third party review sites are also now recognised as a highly effective marketing tool, and an essential component when it comes to providing customers with a voice to share their experience with others.

Mitre Linen, a leading British supplier of hotel bed linen, bedding, towels and soft furnishings to luxury and boutique hotels, is testament to the benefits that using a third party review site can bring, having recently gained accreditation for their on-going commitment to delivering an exceptional standard of customer service.

Having recently been awarded Gold accreditation for the third consecutive year from Feefo, a trusted merchant accreditation company, Mitre Linen are recognised for their persistent hard work and excellence in delivering a high standard of customer service.

The highly acclaimed award is only available to Feefo merchants and is based on the data they collect over the course of a year.  In order to receive the Gold award, businesses must receive a service rating between 95% and 100%, as well as 100 replies or more!

Each rating received is collected, verified and recorded by Feefo via highly sophisticated sales data, which ensures that customers who have rated a product or service have genuinely made the transaction. As you can imagine, this level of status is renowned for boosting and generating sales.

Those companies who receive the Gold Accreditation Award are widely recognised as hard working merchants who deliver an exceptional standard of customer service in all areas of business.

Stephen Broadhurst, Managing Director of Mitre Linen said: “We are delighted to have been awarded Gold Accreditation from Feefo for the third year running.

“As a company, we pride ourselves on our customer service which is why this prestigious independent accreditation, based on the experiences and feedback of our customers is so rewarding.”

Their latest award reinforces the company’s commitment to going above and beyond to consistently deliver a high standard of customer service to the hospitality sector, and quite rightly so. In fact, they have earned themselves the prestigious Queen’s Royal Warrant, which they’ve held since 1955. Now in their 70th year, they have recently unveiled their biggest ever catalogue.