The Latest Supercar Gadgets

It’s easy to think that most Supercars are offered fully equipped with all that you need. But whether you have your own or you satiate your driving urges through luxury car rental, there are always cooler gadgets to add on to the coolest cars. From simple usefulness to complex frivolity, the tech world has you covered. Take a look at some of our favourites.

The Heads up Display (HUD) is a brilliant piece of kit. It is now possible to decorate the windscreen of your supercar with a display of your speed, your rev count or a satellite navigation system. Not only does it make you feel like a jet fighter but also allows you to keep your eyes on the road as you gasp at the vital statistics of your supercar. This technological innovation is best experienced with the incredible Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. With its sleek design and menacing engine, you may just feel like you’re in said fighter jet, tearing across the tarmac.


If the vitals of your supercar are something that accelerates your excitement, then there is another gadget we think you’ll need. Portable Mobile Diagnostics may not sound like the most interesting bit of tech but what it can tell you about your driving, without the bother of going to the mechanics, is a wonderful insight. It can help you drive more economically and give you a better understanding of how to maintain the health of your car more efficiently – all through your smartphone and accompanying add-on, which plugs into your on-board diagnostics.


Dash Cameras have become a must-have for every speedster in the land and you and your supercar should be no different. Excluding the usefulness of this gadget when disputing an incident on the road, this camera lets you record your journey and enjoy it later. This gadget is certainly a must-have for anybody considering a track-day experience.


Always losing your keys? Renting a Rolls Royce Drophead and can’t entertain the worry that it might happen again? This is the gadget for you. The Kensington Proximo offers the user an easy way of keeping account of your belongings. Using your smartphone, you can track down your keys using the attached sensor. It even comes with another sensor to leave in your car if you have trouble finding it in multi-storey car parks, though we can’t imagine having that issue with the beautifully imposing Rolls Royce.


The range of newly available gadgetry available is vast. From the childish to the practical and everything in between, what used to be a farfetched concept is now a must-have. With all of these gadgets offering little obstruction to the process of driving, only enhancing your experience, they are now even suitable for the luxury car rental market. So with so much to choose from, it’s more a case of which car will you pick to fill with gadgets?