Things that you should know about tech and eco tyres

Tyres and technology? Yes, you heard it right. If you think there is no more to a tyre than treads and soles, you are mistaken. In today’s world, tyres too, are technologically evolved so that you get better performance and longevity. If you had followed the changes in tyre technology, you would have noticed that earlier it used to be normal tyres and later you heard about the radial tyres and the tubeless tyres. So, it is safe to surmise that tyres too have evolved technologically and now it seems the days of eco tyres are here.

Read on to know more about the tech and eco tyres.

Eco-friendly tyres – These are not entirely new aspects in the field of tyre technology. Even though going green has been associated with fewer emissions and alternate fuel options, it is a lesser-known fact that tyres can also contribute to the cause. There have been several innovations by leading tyre companies world over.

It is known that the higher the rolling resistance of a tyre, the greater will be the power requirements. Hence, it is evident that tyres with lower rolling resistance can improve mileage and reduce emissions. Some of the premium tyres like Pirelli Cinturato are known for their low rolling resistance and eco-friendly features. This could mean that you save around 6% on your fuel bill by using an optimally inflated low rolling resistance tyre as compared to an ordinary tyre.


Some of the technologies that could make a difference are:

  • All-in-one tyres – the days are not far away when the tyres would be donning an all-in-one role. If the reports coming from the sector were true, then we would see airless tyres soon. Made of recyclable materials, these tyres would be designed in a way that wear and tear would be lower than a normal tyre filled with air.
  • Silent tyres – these have already been introduced on a couple of Audi cars. It is said that these tyres, thanks to an extra coat on their exterior, reduces the cabin noise by about 9Db.
  • AMT tyres – We could soon have tyres that can maintain the air pressure automatically. Some mechanism would be introduced by means of which the tyre pressure can be constantly maintained.
  • Alternate materials – it is very much possible that the tyres of future would be made from some other materials apart from synthetic and natural rubber. This could mean less carbon footage and a cleaner atmosphere.

Should you go for eco-friendly tyres?

Well, eventually, the technological changes are bound to reach you. The days are not far away when the eco-friendly tyres would be supplied as original equipment. Thankfully, they would also be available for online purchase or from other vendors. Wherever your source your tyres from, make sure they are the best tyres for your vehicle. The tyre technology is undergoing constant change and it is sure that in the days to come, you can look forward to better speed, safety, longevity and fuel economy as far as tyres are concerned.