Voice Recording Software



Recording your voice is easy if you build your own studio at home and choose the right software. In this article, we discuss three of the most popular recording software available for recording your voice professionally.


Compatibility: Mac, Windows, Linux

Special Features: Device Toolbar, Level Meters, Automatic Crash Recovery

Price: Free

Audacity is a free, open source, recording and editing platform with an impressive set of features and an easy to use interface.

While it lacks some of the advance features of commercial audio editing software, it has a strong set of features for a free platform and can be a great choice for a female voice artist who is just starting out and don’t have a budget for costly monthly software subscriptions. Audacity can be a little hard to learn, especially for new users. Since it was designed by open source software developers and coders, Audacity’s emphasis is on functionality and not necessarily user friendliness. However, once you learn the basics, the program can serve you quite well until you are ready to make a commitment to more costly recording software options.

Adobe Audition

Compatibility: Mac and Windows

Special Features: Dolby Digital Support, Automatic Loudness Correction, Timed Recordings

Price: $49 per month,$599 Per Year

Adobe Audition is a full featured professional audio and video editing, recording and mixing platform. A favourite of British voiceover actors, Audition balances first rate editing features with simple but powerful multitrack functioning. While it lacks some of the higher end effects and editing features of advanced programs such as ProTools, it is powerful enough for most basic professional voice over applications. Once a new user gets used to Audition’s workflow, its features become quickly intuitive and the ease of saving and accessing recordings in the program sets it ahead of much of its competition. Audition can be costly for a novice female voice artist, with monthly pricing beginning at $49 per month for a year long commitment, but if you will be using it often, it may be worth the investment.

Avid ProTools 12

Compatibility: Mac and Windows

Special Features: Advanced multitrack audio editing, batch fading, cloud collaboration

Price: $29.99 per month or $299 per year

While ProTools is the gold standard for music and has a number of features that are useful for voice over artists, it can complicated for new users to learn. It is probably not a very practical choice for voice actors who need only simple, single track recordings. If you will be working with multiple tracks or complex editing and doing advanced post-production, however, the time spent learning and mastering ProTools will pay off later on. The first and oftentimes only choice for sound engineers and music production pros, ProTools features one of the best audio engines in the world and supports a number of powerful plugins and integrations. ProTools is also unique its number of import/export options, a by-product of the software’s status as the industry standard for professional audio engineering.