Why Choose Silicon iPhone 6s Covers Rather Than Leather Or Plastic

As the functionality and power of modern smartphones has continued to increase, so to has the price of the latest models, like the iPhone 6 for example.  Therefore, the need for a case of some description is a must to protect your expensive purchase.  When you look at the various iPhone 6s (as this is the current model) accessories available you will find that you have a choice between leather, plastic and silicone wallets and cases.   While it is true all three materials have their merits, we want to show you in the below guide why we feel silicone cases and wallets have the edge over their leather and plastic counterparts.

The Functionality

It is likely that if you intend on using a case or cover for your iPhone that you will want to still be able to access many of the buttons and features without the hassle of having to remove the cover.  This can be a problem if you opt for leather cases and wallets for your phone, as you often have to remove either a part of the case or all of it before you can use your phone.    Whereas a silicone iPhone 6s wallet case is normally designed to stay on at all times and includes various holes and spaces to enable you to access the connectivity sockets and buttons you need to use the phone.

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Continuous Protection

As noted above, when you buy leather or plastic cases and covers, you have the nuisance of needing to remove part or all of the cover in order to use your phone.  This can mean that your brand new iPhone 6s is more susceptible to damage while you use it.  A product like the jimmyCASE which is predominately made from silicone offers full access to the main controls, functions and sockets meaning you can use your phone while continuing to protect it.

Light And Easy To Carry

Compared to plastic and leather, silicone is evidently a very lightweight material.  Therefore, even when you combine the weight of the case or cover itself to the weight of the phone, it will never feel too heavy.  As the majority of people carry their phones in a pocket, this is a very attractive quality.

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Shock Absorption

Silicone is very similar in form to rubber, which means that it provides cushioning when it is used in a phone case or cover.  When accidents happen and you accidentally drop, sit or otherwise potentially damage your phone, the affect of the impact will be absorbed naturally by the silicone, thus protecting it.


Silicone is a highly customisable material and therefore it is easy to find a custom iPhone 6s case or wallet to suit your personal tastes.