Why It’s Important to Work with the Right SEO Company


Trust me on this one – I speak from experience. You do not want to get on the wrong side of Google, which is, without question the biggest search engine out there and the one that people would be looking at if you wanted to get higher rankings so as to enjoy a consistent flow of steady organic traffic to your website which is without doubt, what any webmaster wants. Free, relevant, organic traffic that results in enquiries.

Like I said above, it is all about organic traffic at the end of the day because once you manage to get that organic traffic, then you’re pretty much sorted. If it’s organic (from the search engines), then it’s likely to be high-quality traffic since anyone searching for a specific search term, such as SEO Manchester, who is then subsequently sent to your website or blog will naturally be looking for, you would assume, SEO in Manchester.

So, that said, you definitely don’t want to be the target of a Google algorithm update which could result in your site dropping in rankings if it’s deemed that you’re taking part in what are considered to be ‘black-hat SEO’ tactics or your site isn’t correctly optimised in order to appear in the search engine ranking positions such as your on-page SEO isn’t up to scratch.

What’s the quickest way to get on the wrong side of Google? Well it’s by allowing your website or blog to participate in those dodgy, black-hat SEO activities that Google looks down upon and are often facilitated by some dodgy search engine optimisation companies that are really just looking to score a quick buck. Look, sometimes SEO companies engage in activities which violate Google’s terms of service unknowingly, but that still won’t help you if your site has been made to rank lower or not even feature in the search results by the search engine, likely Google, because the SEO agency you chose to employ has violated the terms of service of the search engine and if this is all going on without you knowing about it, that can make it even more annoying, especially when you’re paying them for their services.

The best way to hedge against this rather unfortunate turn of events is making use of a search engine optimisation service provider who you can see has gotten good reviews and even better, if you know of someone who has worked with an SEO agency before and seen good results and gotten good value for money then that’s your recommendation right there.