Your Own Free Weather Radar



The weather runs our lives to a great degree, whether we are indoors or out. Of course, it is also beyond our control, so we rely strongly on forecasts. However, we all know how unreliable a forecast can be, and it’s not the fault of the forecasters. The weather can only be accurately predicted to a certain degree; beyond that it is very unpredictable, so while you are expecting a dry day, you may well be hit with showers that spoil the fun. This is why we welcome WeatherBug, a great free weather app that gives you access to some very impressive features.

Why do you need WeatherBug? Well, to begin with it’s free, so why not? Plus, it comes with some amazing features that you would normally only expect with paid-for apps. For example, you get access to a massive network of weather stations, all professional, and the information that they gather. You also get 18 detailed and animated weather maps, which provide nothing short of a comprehensive collection of information that is simply amazing. It really is one of the best free apps we have seen, and clearly the most impressive free weather app available.

Furthermore, this is one of the only free weather radar apps that is available for both Android and iPhone devices. The radar maps cover a full range of information that can be used to provide your own customized weather information. Perhaps you like to go outdoors, running or walking; if so, knowing the weather in advance is important, and WeatherBug can help with extremely accurate radar information from local sources. The information ranges from air pressure to precipitation through wind speed, temperature and much more, all in detailed animated weather maps for the area you wish to forecast for.

With WeatherBug you also get to tailor your information to you; you can choose between mph and km/h, for example, or choose your preferred temperature scale. There is plenty of scope for providing individually useful and accurate information that will help you get the very best out of your day. It’s easy to use, simple to download, and ready to go as soon as it is installed. In terms of free weather apps with radar for iPhone users, this is the one to get, and you will be joining many satisfied users who are already getting the most accurate forecasts available.

With WeatherBug you are getting the most reliable weather forecasts both locally and internationally, so you can check what the weather is like if you are heading abroad. What’s more, it can even give you accurate traffic details, as well as being able to interact with your home if you have a smart thermostat, and increase the efficiency of your home heating and energy systems. Remember, you get all of this with a weather radar app that is absolutely free, so why not download WeatherBug now, and see just how effective this impressive and very useful app can be in planning your day effectively.