Zambezi Dazzle With Ad For The Venetian Hotel

Zambezi are known for their creative approach to advertising and marketing campaigns and this was proved yet again when they recently put together the piece entitled “Come As You Are” for The Venetian, the renowned luxury hotel on the strip in Las Vegas.

The premise of the campaign, both the TV commercial and the printed ads is to show that a weekend break in a luxury hotel on the strip in Las Vegas should be something everyone and anyone can enjoy. The campaign is the first of its kind for the hotel since it opened in 1999. The hope shared by The Venetian and Zambezi is that it will encourage a wider variety of people to book weekend breaks and getaways at the hotel.

As the CMO of the hotel, Lisa Marchese, said in a recent interview “There’s just a lot of luxury product in Las Vegas and so for us, we thought there was this gap in the market around the fact…we are still luxury…but we can be optimistic, inclusive, really likeable and celebrate the guests that are coming to Las Vegas”

The LA ad agency had said they wanted the campaign to reflect a different attitude to what you see along the strip, that you don’t have to alter who you are to enjoy Vegas, that you can still be you, an individual. The ad received one of the largest advertising spots of the year when it premièred during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio and was aired in New York, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco and Los Angeles, along with some printed ads, that notably ran in publications of such calibre as Vanity Fair.

It is not just the actual clients whom the Los Angeles advertising agency Zambezi work with that are impressive, for the Come As You Are, they enlisted the help of famed director and photographer Autumn de Wilde, who has previously worked with the likes of Wilco, The White Stripes and Beck on cover artwork for their albums.

The advert is visually stunning and has that addictive quality that makes you want to watch it again. The company were clever to include various representatives from all walks of life, to show that the Venetian hotel was different from the competition.

It shows that if you are looking for a marketing and advertising company that will understand your market, Zambezi should be considered.